Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lawyers In Lisbon - Carmen De Souza, ESQ - Fraude na Indução

Fraud in the Inducement by Lawyer Carmen De Souza:

When searching for Lawyers in Lisbon, one must understand the conflict involving attorney Carmen De Souza of Lisbon. MX Properties, Inc was first introduced to Ms De Souza by consultant John S Diak as it was awaiting its long awaited closing of its initial transaction funding. In mid November 2016, John S Diak contacted via telephone officials at MX Properties, Inc to inform that its initial funding release was finally at hand. This news was met with excitement and hope as MX had contributed nearly $1mm or more over a 16 month period to Mr Diak's various instrument trade programs without any success of funding.Yet, soon into the conversation, John S Diak informed MX Properties' officials that in order for the initial $5mm Euro to be released, it would have to fund $11000 for "fees" in the transaction. This revelation came at great concern to MX Properties - so much, that it requested confirmation in writing that it would actually receive its initial funding once the "fees" were paid.

On 16/11/2016, MX Properties, Inc received a letter addressed to Mr John S Diak from lawyer Carmen De Souza that emphatically stated that as soon as the $11000 in mysterious and undefined "fees" were paid, its initial funding would be released "IMMEDIATELY". Then in total and complete good faith, MX Properties complied with Carmen De Souza's inducement / demand letter and wired funds in the amount of $11000 to cover these "fees". Within two days, Carmen De Souza issued another letter stating "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments. Alas, we felt that all was in order and that MX would finally receive its initial funding; however, quite disappointedly, days went by and MX Properties did not receive its funding as promised in either of Carmen De Souza's inducement letters. Further, days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months with no end in sight. MX then began an earnest attempt to contact Carmen De Souza, but was rebuffed at every request. MX Properties, Inc was able to communicate with consultant John S Diak, however, he just offered false promises and daily excuses. At this point, MX Properties calls upon lawyer Carmen De Souza to do the right thing and ensure that its initial funding be released as promised months ago.

Frustrating Threats by A Third Party:

Approximately during the last week of December 2016, MX Properties, Inc began receiving threatening and harassing emails from an individual whom the company did not know or recognize. MX cannot release the name of this "gentleman" because he was not identified at all in either of Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza's demand / inducement letters. MX Properties is unclear of this man's motivation other than surmising that he "might" be somehow related to this conflict. We believe that his inflammatory statements were encouraged by John S Diak in an attempt to intimidate MX officials from bringing the complete truth to light. This "gentleman's" statements were both libelous and completely false and his harsh use of words is completely unfounded and without any merit whatsoever. MX Properties, Inc completely refutes this individual's statements and continues to state for the recored that it has acted with complete integrity and in good faith at all times. This man must discontinue making such horrible statements as it has made matters much much worse on those directly involved in the conflict.

Just use normal caution when retaining Lisbon lawyers.